• "We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning." - Elliot Masie

    We offer e-learning solutions. We develop our programs to address the unique and specific learning needs of every organization we work with and transform them into interactive performance driven e-learning solutions.

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  • e-Learning should be the miniature version of a great movie.

    “The most profound words will remain unread unless you can keep the learner engaged. You can't see their eyes to know if they got it so ... say it, show it, write it, demo it and link it to an activity.” - James Bates

    Our Demos
  • e-Learning accessible on desktops, tablets or smartphones.

    Our team will help you transform static documents into dynamic, engaging, responsive content that can be accessed quickly and viewed as on-demand training – anywhere, on any device, at anytime.

    Our Demos
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Soft Skills Training

This includes e-learning programs for topics such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Customer care
  • Sales

Product Specific Training

These online programs are developed for:

  • Client specific services
  • Products
  • Equipment training

Software Simulation

This e-learning focuses on user programs such as:

  • Microsoft Office Programmes
  • Proprietary Software
  • Sharepoint

Social Development

This e-learning focuses on interventions such as:

  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Safety and health training
  • Induction programs


Whether you are new to e-learning or a veteran of the field, you know that this powerful delivery method has the potential to transform your organization.

At e-Learning Partners, we live and breathe e-learning, and we see you through the entire process, from start to finish. We gain an understanding of what drives your business, your technological environment and your audience. We identify what your learners need to achieve at the end of the day, and then we get to work on crafting solutions that fit your budget and meet your deadline. If you need innovative and effective online learning look no further. We are masters of design and development.

As our clients continue to demonstrate, we deliver e-learning that exceeds your expectations and makes your learners excited for more.

The content of our e-learning programmes meets all the leading industry standards such as SCORM, AICC, ADL and Tin Can API – as required by our clients. This ensures that our e-learning solutions are scalable, interactive, interoperable, interchangeable and secure.



Double-U Design, an advertising agency and the creatives behind our e-learning programs, was established in 1998.


e-Learning Partners is the brain child of The Mindspa Institute and Double-U Design.



The Mindspa Institute, our content developers, has over 20 years combined experience.

Benefits of e-Learning

  • Cost

    Slash your training costs
    No external trainer fees No venue costs No out of office time costs
  • More

    Improve knowledge retention
    Individuals learn at their own pace Content is reinforced after course completion Gamification to hold interest Interactive
  • Measurable

    Measure individual progress
    Real-time reports of individual's progress Evaluate learner's progress, engagement and skill levels Pre-tests to determine individual learners' abilities and knowledge level Software based adaptation of course content to suit the determined abilities/ knowledge level of the learner
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So why should you rely on us?

Choosing an e-Learning partner is not an easy decision and you know it is critical to your success to select a partner who will address your specific learning needs.

You know you need a training solution, but technology is changing rapidly and there are many options: avatars, simulations, games, mobile, just to name a few.

But, what is effective? What will work with your audience and within your budget? And, what about this idea you have… Can it be done?

With technology that enables change — from e-learning to gamification to mobile — you can count on us to embrace your needs and deliver effective solutions. We have a vast portfolio of blended solutions, long-term client relationships, and a track record of success that demonstrates our value.

At e-Learning Partners we offer high-end, innovative, custom e-learning development, built with pride by our talented team. We also excel at using (and enhancing) off-the-shelf tools. A few good reasons to join up with us are:

  • The combination of our e-learning development and delivery knowledge, our training subject matter expert partner and our history of creativity and reliability.
  • Our management and development models make things easier for you and cut your costs, providing you with all the support you need for really professional learning delivery
  • And finally, we pride ourselves on our passion for e-learning and personal management support.

So, let’s dream together, and then build the solution you truly need, engaging your learners and leveraging what technology has to offer.


We are extremely proud of our work because we create positive change—for the employees who become better at their jobs and enhance their careers, and also for the clients we work for. We are also proud of the trust we earn from our world-class clients. Part of that trust is based on confidentiality, which we respect, and so on our site we cannot and do not showcase many projects.


SHEQ Gamification

Explaining the dangers present in a kitchen


HIV / AIDS Awareness

An awareness programme on the myths and misconceptions of HIV / AIDS

Software Simulation

A short demo on our software simulation of Excel
soft skills

Soft Skills Training

An introduction to our Communication Training platform

Equipment Training

Understanding the OCTO band saw


Product Training

A short demo on explaining to trainees how to sell a particular product